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Eutelsat targets a bright future in new corporate video

Blog post   •   Sep 10, 2018 09:59 CEST

Eutelsat places the art of connectivity at the heart of its new corporate video

Operating in a sector that is constantly changing, Eutelsat has focused its thinking on what the group brings to each of us: connecting the world, today and tomorrow.

Eutelsat has placed the art of connectivity at the heart of its new corporate message. Today Eutelsat can celebrate a universal reach; the ability to inform, entertain and enrich the lives of people from the densest urban sprawls to the most remote habitats on the planet. This is thanks to its unique savoir-faire, supported by a technical prowess which is also opening up new forms of communication.

Produced in collaboration with Les Gens Bien production agency, the new corporate video enables Eutelsat to speak with a distinctive voice in an inspiring and compelling way. The symbolism behind the bespoke ballet of lights reflecting off the mirrors seen in the video evokes Eutelsat’s universal broadcast signal. On a more aspirational note, the beams of light, moving seamlessly in perfect harmony, aim to signal a bright future for Eutelsat’s ambition.